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IMPAK - traditions and innovations
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Sergiy Malinovski, the leader of enterprise of «IMPAK»


«To work on the field of agriculture for me not simply the work is. It is the high calling and serving native land and difficult science. For Ukrainian it is not enough to love the land by all heart. To store up the soul to earth – it to work selflessly , inlaying in this labour all the soul. To be the real owner – it responsibly. Everywhere there must be knowledge, mind and order!

A private enterprise of «IMPAK» is an innovative agricultural company. We do not put scopes, boldly subjugating new hi-tech knowledge’s. At scientific approach to agriculture rich and fertile Ukrainian land will bring more than generous garden-stuffs!

Once there was a journalistic stamp in the everyday use: «A battle for a harvest». Today harvests for us are high, and now our main task is a battle for quality. For indeed European quality, ecologically irreproachable, healthy products! A joined command of «IMPAK», which leaning against everlasting traditions of ancestors, modern technologies and work experience, lays a road for new. We expounded main principles of our activity in slogan – «TRADITIONS AND INNOVATIONS! »

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